May 1, 2022 – Promotion Update / Back from Colorado

Just got back from Colorado 🙂 and had such a fun trip 🏔. But before I share more, want to share the update on the promotion I applied for and will share after.

So heard back from my manager last week regarding the promotion. Some background info, I’m currently an account manager and went for the account management lead role – basically the head account manager who will manage and train the account management team. Unfortunately, I did not get the role, and he let me know that the role went to someone who has had 10 years of experience as an account management lead. I have management experience, but the other person has a lot more so that was the reason for choosing them. So I said I understood, and thanked him for being considered. He said he was proud of me, and that I should be proud of myself for applying and making it to the final round of interviews. He also said he was glad to learn where my head is at and that I want to move up within the company, and he encouraged me to talk to him about other roles I become interested in the future.

So yeah a little bummed, but also okay with it and look forward to learning more from the new lead. And yes I am proud of myself for going for it and making it to the final rounds. I’ve experienced this before and have applied for roles in the past that I didn’t get, and then ended up getting other roles later. So yes the right role with come at the right time 💙.

My pledge sister Malynda told me before the trip, “Whatever the outcome, we’re celebrating in Colorado!” lol thanks psis. Yes had so much fun and was such a relaxing trip. Will share more soon

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