April 24, 2022 – Brunch with Karla at Michael David Winery

Today went to brunch with my high school best friend Karla 💕 at Michael David Winery in Lodi 🍷. We’ve been meaning to go to out to eat since we haven’t in a while, and decided to go here. Karla and I have been friends since sophomore year of high school in 2005, so friends for about 17 years now! Glad we’ve stayed friends throughout all of these years and we always try to hangout and catch up whenever we can.

We ate brunch inside, and then after sat at the nice outside seating area and drank the bottle of wine we bought called Symphony. Really good sweet wine 🍷 and chose that since we both like sweet wines. Just caught up like we always do and stayed for a while, and then after went to get our nails done together which we haven’t done since high school lol so that was fun. Took her to the nail place that I go to in Lincoln Center.

We also went to Sephora in that plaza and she helped me pick some new makeup. I swear all of my close friends are good at makeup and I’m not lol so I’m always asking them what I should buy and then I buy it. So thank you all for saving me and teaching me how to use makeup, love you all lol. Then after dropped her off and then went home.

Just going to chill the rest of the day, and then work tomorrow.

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