April 23, 2022 – Travels / Dinner with Mom

Hello – haven’t blogged in a while. Truth is, I feel like blogging everyday and I always tell myself I’ll write later, and then I don’t lol. So now trying to just write right when I feel like it so I do it, and so here I am 😀.

Current thoughts – stayed home this weekend, but on Monday going to Peter’s place in SF. Then on Tuesday morning, flying to Denver, CO for a trip with my pledge sister Malynda 💕. She invited since she got a good deal at this resort from her coworker, and so I was down to go. Been feeling like I want to travel again too so really excited. Also it’s going to be a chill trip – we want to explore Denver for a while, and then drive out to the resort that’s actually in Steamboat Springs. So overall going to be really fun and glad to have a getaway.

After this this trip, I’m actually traveling a lot in May as well. I feel like I’m going back to my old life of traveling all the time lol. It feels nice and I’m thankful to be able to travel again since the world is opening back up. In May, will be going to Vegas for the Lovers and Friends Music Festival, and then right after, going to Georgia for my work trip, and then after Georgia, going to NY 🙂. So May will also be really fun and it’s also my birth month 🎂.

There are more things to share, but I’ll save them for another post. Here are pics from dinner tonight with my mom at Cocoro Sushi 🍣 food was really good and pretty big portions. Only thing is that my mom spilled all of the leftover sushi later in the car ugh lol but whatever still had a good time. But yes will share more soon 💜

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