March 4, 2022

Today was a pretty chill day and glad it’s finally the weekend 🎈. Just had a couple of meetings at work, then handled a few things, and got to log off early. Then after work got to catch up with my former co-worker Ashlee 💙. We became really cool ever since I had first started at my previous job, and glad that we still keep in touch. She’s also the one who showed me one of her tattoo artists in NY, and that’s the artist I went to for my first 2 tattoos. I truly think she’s one of the most down to earth people, and it was nice to talk since the last time we caught up was sometime before the holidays. We talked for about an hour and a half and caught up about life, work, and a bunch of other things.

Then afterwards took my dog to the park. It was so cold and windy today so we went real quick and came back. But when we got back, he smelled so bad lol. He had been rolling around at the park, and so when we got home I gave him a bath. But I’ve already been meaning to give him one so it was fine.

Now just staying home tonight. My family and I thought about going to dinner, but then we decided another time is better since my brother was tired after work. Now I think I’m just going to watch TV and then get ready for bed. Excited for tomorrow since I’m going to my cousin Michelle’s house in Manteca for the first time 🏡. I also need to think of something to bring. Okay well will blog again soon 💕

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