Last week, finally got my first tattoo from a CA artist 💛 and also a female Asian artist which I was hoping to find. My first 2 tattoos were also from a female Asian artist in NY, and since then, I hoped to continue supporting female Asian artists in the future. I’ve been following a couple of CA artists over the past year and was so happy to finally book with this botanical artist in Berkeley whose work is amazing – check out her work at

Love how it turned out! 💕 I wanted my first tattoo in CA to be poppies to represent me moving back home. Poppies are also her favorite to tattoo which was perfect and also why her work is so good. She was also super nice so I’m considering getting more from her.

Now that I have 3 tattoos, I told myself I should really start considering how many more I want lol. There is another tattoo idea I have after following another artist in Chinatown SF, but I think I’ll wait a little while until my next one. I think I might just get one more slightly big tattoo, and if I decide to get more, then they will be small. Overall, so happy with this one 🌼

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