Barkadas Secret Santa

So tonight had a late Secret Santa exchange with Barkadas ❤️. We set a day to meet virtually and mailed our gifts to each other beforehand 🎁. This group is very special to me and includes my pledge sister Jackie, another Kappa sister Lynard, former roommate Jeff, and friend from CSULB/PAC Jessica. Jackie and I are in NorCal and Jess, Jeff, and Lynard are in SoCal. We all became close after working together for Fil-Am ARTS and helped organize the Festival of Pilipino American Arts and Culture (FPAC) in LA. We did already know each other from Kappa and PAC at CSULB, except for Jeff who we met through FPAC (yay lol).

Since then, we just continued to hangout, keep in touch, and became this little group. I feel like everyone has the same kind of vibe — chill, love to talk about music and the Filipino community/culture, and care a lot about each other as we’ve gotten closer throughout the years. Love you all! Glad we continue to do this each year ❤️

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