May 11, 2021 – Last Year, Today / Data Analytics Class Ends Tomorrow

So just want to blog real quick before I get back to studying and working on my project, so let’s see. So just realized that today is the anniversary of getting let go from my job last year. I remembered b/c we all got let go on the day of my former manager’s birthday. So crazy lol. And I remember feeling bad for not telling him happy birthday, but that day kinda sucked lol so I’m sure he understood. Dang, I’m sure he also remembers that today was the day we all got let go, but hey shit happens. I haven’t talked to him in a while, I haven’t talked to a lot of my former co-workers in a while. Not b/c I have tension with them, I left on a really good note. I also hungout with a bunch of them again when I went back to NY to get my stuff and move back to CA. Overall just needed time to myself during the past year to find my direction and figure some things out on my own.

But anyways, I thought about reaching out to him to say happy birthday. I think the last time we spoke was when he texted me last year saying happy birthday. Dang, we also got let go the week before my birthday. Which also sucked, but also didn’t mind not having to work anymore on the week of my birthday lol. So yeah, crazy times.

Don’t want to get too much into it, but realizing more and more how much getting let go affected me. I also had a tough experience with my job before which is another story. New York is just crazy man lol. But I give myself credit for getting through all of it, and thankful for everyone who has been there for me and encouraged me throughout the past year.

Well should get back to studying now. Tomorrow is the last day of my data analytics class and we also present our final projects. I feel pretty good about mine, I made all of the charts and graphs already and just need to put on the final touches. Excited to finish and then shift gears back to networking and finding my next job opportunity.

Here are some flowers at the University of the Pacific. I go there every week with my dog and it’s my favorite place to go in Stockton to relax and hangout 🌷

Carolyn 💜

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