May 6, 2021 – 2nd Dose of Vaccine / Final Data Analytics Project / Tattoos

So been feeling tired since I got the 2nd dose of the vaccine yesterday. I didn’t really get sick thankfully, but just been tired lol. I attended my data class last night and started to feel really tired, so ate a lot of snacks to keep focused. Still felt tired and groggy when I woke up today, but it’s starting to wear off now. I’m glad because I need to work on my final project for my data class and will be working on that this whole day.

Besides that, I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo and want to get one here in CA. I have 2 that I got in NY, and thought about getting another one in NY since I’m going back in a couple of weeks, but really want to get one from a CA artist. There’s this artist that I have been following from the bay, and saw that she’s friends with one of my cousin’s close friends. Also she mainly does floral work which what I want, and her work looks really good. I also love supporting female Asian artists, and my tattoo artist in NY was also a female Asian artist who was referred to me from close friends.

The Bay Area artist is taking new booking sign-ups tonight so going to sign up and hope I get picked, she chooses the clients that she feels most inclined to work with. So we’ll see.

Well going to get started on work now. I’ll share this pic of my favorite local coffee shop in Stockton called Poppy Coffee. I go here sometimes to study since they have free wifi. Also they let me bring my dog when I come so I appreciate that 💕

Carolyn 💜

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