May 17, 2021 – Data Analytics Course Finished

After 2.5 months, I’ve finally finished my data analytics course with General Assembly πŸ“ˆ. Our last class was last Wed where we also presented our final projects. Then received our final grades over the weekend and glad to say that I passed. The course consisted of 3 projects and we were required to pass them all in order to receive our certificates. We started with about 20 people and by the end of the class there were 11 of us. It was nice that during our last class everyone exchanged LinkedIn profiles, including the instructors, so we could all stay connected. Overall, everyone was really nice and supportive of each other and I look forward to seeing where everyone ends up in the future.

Now shifting gears to applying to jobs again and networking. I decided to just focus on the course and apply to jobs after so I could really take in the material. Also the course went really quickly and I was studying everyday in order to fully understand the concepts.

I still looked at job posts constantly and saved a lot of positions that I liked. So today updated my LinkedIn profile and resume so I can start applying ASAP.

Also preparing for my New York trip this week! And also setting up a family dinner tomorrow so I can celebrate with them before I leave. Will continue more in my next post.


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