May 1, 2021 – 2021 Updates

So been meaning to blog again for a while, but finally getting back to it. Really want to start writing atleast once a week, just have been a little busy lately. But taking some time today before I start doing some work. So here we go.

Let’s see, so this month marks one year of me being unemployed. The past year was such a whirlwind of things, from getting laid off, to moving back to CA, and living back home with family. It’s crazy to have experienced so many changes. I also never imagined how hard it would be to transition back to CA life lol. Okay it wasn’t hard, but it did take some adjusting to.

Truth is, I’m not a full Californian anymore. I will talk about this in more detail in another post, but I’m definitely part New Yorker now. There are a lot of things I miss about NY, and the way I see some things are different than how I saw them before living there. So for anyone in CA that I’ve said things to that sound crazy because of my NY perspective, I apologize and I didn’t mean to lol. I just think a little differently now, the east coast is completely different from the west coast. Overall, happy to be back home.

Besides that, for the past couple of months I’ve been working on my data analytics class that ends in 2 weeks. Long story short, I decided to transition my career from sales to data analytics. It took a little while to figure out, but glad to finally have a direction and realize what makes me happy. I’ve worked in sales for the past 5 years and became really good at it, but overtime stopped enjoying it. After looking back on the things that I did enjoy from my past roles, as well as connecting with more people in the music industry, I realized data and music are the things that I’m passionate about and excited to enter this new field.

Well going to end this now. But yes excited to finish my class, get my data analytics certificate, and then apply to jobs in music. More details to come.

Carolyn 💜

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