May 4, 2021 – Last Week of Tagalog Class

I’ve also been taking a Tagalog class the past 6 weeks and it actually ends tonight. It was fun, and we learned some basic words and phrases. It was also cool meeting the other people in the class. Some were also Filipino, but never learned how to speak the language. One guy was Hispanic but lived in the Philippines for 13 years for work so he wanted to learn. There was also a white woman who was married to a Filipino man so she wanted to learn more Tagalog. I was the one person who knows how to speak Tagalog, but doesn’t speak it as much since we speak English at home so just wanted to refresh. We also were required to buy a Tagalog book for the class, so I’ll just continue reading that after the class ends.

Also Happy May the 4th! To all Star Wars fans. “The Bad Batch” comes out today on Disney+ so will watch the first episode later tonight.


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