Monday January 21, 2019 – Cold Winter Day / 6 Degrees

Monday today and had the day off due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Woke up around 1030AM and when I checked the weather it was 6 degrees. This is the coldest day so far this winter, and right away I decided that I would stay in all day lol. Too bad though, I kind of wish I could go out and do something since I have the day off, and also it was sunny this afternoon. But all good, I went out yesterday so I’d rather just wait until the rest of the week to get out. Currently the temperature is 15 degrees at 4PM, but it jumps to 30 degrees tomorrow, then 44 the day after, and then 49 the day after that. The weather here is weird lol.

Other than that, I just spent the past 2 hours trying to fix up my blog. Since I’m starting to blog again and also it’s a new year, I thought it would be nice to change the layout a little. So I tried out a bunch of layouts and ended up choosing this one. It’s similar to my last layout, but a little different. Also I changed it so you see can see the entire post now instead of just an excerpt. Some of my posts are really long so I had it that way, but now I think it’s kind of nice to be able to see all of the pictures in my posts. Might change it up again later, but I’ll leave it for now. Only thing I don’t really like is that when you hover over a post the color is orange. That’s another reason why I’ve been on it for a while to try and change it but couldn’t, so it will also have to do for now. But overall I do like it.

I’ll probably just blog throughout the day, so more to follow.

-Carolyn 💜

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