Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

Last night was the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse! Fun fact – I love astronomy lol ever since I was a kid. When I was in 4th – 6th grade I was in Science Club that took place after school (I know such nerd lol) and I loved science, and astronomy was my favorite. I loved learning about the planets, stars, comets, asteroids, galaxies, etc. I remember practicing how to say the planets in order from the sun, and also learning the inner planets (closest to the sun) and the outer planets (furthest from the sun). I also loved learning about constellations. I can still make out the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and Little Dipper (Ursa Minor) when they’re visible, some seasons they are more visible than others. Also when we had book orders I would buy science books. My cousin Michelle could tell you how she saw all my books and asked, “Are these for school?” and I said, “No I just wanted them.” And then she called me a nerd but whatever! I liked science lol.

But anyways, so last night I asked my roommates if they would be down to go see the blood moon lunar eclipse because earlier that day I saw that we had a pretty good view of the moon from the subway platform near our apartment. And luckily they were down! So I looked up the best times to see the eclipse. The total lunar eclipse would start at 11:41PM EST when the moon would first turn red, and then the best time to see the moon was at 12:12AM EST when it would be the most coppery red. So we decided to head out at 11:55AM and bundled up because it was 15 degrees outside lol.

So some pics from last night! My roommate Sarah got a cool pic of me looking up at the moon, but also trying to keep warm at the same time by covering my face with my scarf lol. Also my roommate Christina got some pretty good pics of the moon with her phone. We stayed until 12:12AM and then ran home after because it was so freakin cold lol. Well also ended up stopping by the store to pick up some snacks, but overall we had a fun time. Thanks again roomies for joining me!

– Carolyn 💜

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