Shops at Columbus Circle

So yesterday I went to church at 2PM like I usually do, and then on the way home I went to the Columbus Circle mall. There’s a nice cafe on the 3rd floor that I like to go to b/c it has a really nice view of the outside with the mall’s giant glass wall. There are tables around the cafe and it’s usually hard to find seating, and yesterday was extra crowded. I’m sure everyone else had the same idea as me with wanting to go out, but also wanting to stay indoors b/c it was so cold, but also wanting to feel like they were outside lol.

I also went to the Amazon bookstore there that I love. It’s basically a physical Amazon book store, and you can show your Amazon Prime account to buy books with the Prime prices. I haven’t seen these stores in CA yet, but I’ve seen a couple in NY. I always like to buy self improvement books. I saw this book which must be Sarah Knight’s latest book in her series called the “No Fucks Given Guide”. I have the other 3 books, and I didn’t buy this book this time, but I’ll probably buy it later so I can have the whole collection. These books helped me out a lot when I first moved to NY. The author is also on TED Talks which is where I first heard about her when my best friend Cindy showed me.

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