January 15, 2019 – West Coast to East Coast Sleep Schedule

So it’s 1AM, and I’ve accepted that I’m not going to sleep early for atleast another week so I’m just hanging out in my living room lol. Since I was in CA for 2 weeks my sleep schedule got messed up. Basically I’ve still been wide awake at like 3AM since it would actually be 12AM in CA. This also happened when I came back after Thanksgiving when I was also home for 2 weeks. But it’s fine, after 2 weeks of being back I’m usually good so I’m just going to keep busy until I get tired and am ready to sleep.

But anyways, let’s see. So I talked about this before, but I feel like it’s been hard to blog b/c there’s just so much I’ve been meaning to talk about. But I really just need to start blogging whatever comes to mind, and things are going to be out of order but it’s okay. My life has always been a mix of a bunch of things lol.

But yeah so much happened last year that I was really happy about, and other things happened that taught me a lot. But overall I’m happy where I’m headed. Happy with my job, and also the fact that I can go home more often now that I’m able to work from home on my laptop, and also that we get 6 weeks of vacation. I’m happy, but there’s also some things that I’m planning to change this year which I will talk about soon. But lately I’ve just been focusing on being happy and being myself b/c I don’t feel like I was always myself the past couple of years, which I’ll talk more about later as well. Overall I just want to keep trying my best, keep becoming a better person, and focus on the things that I love.

Well might blog again and then head to bed soon.

-Carolyn 💜

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