CA for 2 Weeks – SoCal This Weekend

Good morning! So I’m in CA for the holidays and staying for 2 weeks =). Got here Monday morning 12/24, and staying until Fri 1/4. Also going to SoCal this weekend 12/28-12/30 to visit friends there too, and then coming back to NorCal. It’s been nice being able to come home more often and also for longer, I’m starting to feel like I’m living in both the West Coast and East Coast now lol.

Well I was going to blog more, but now I have to go running soon. Today going to hang out with my friend Maja and eat somewhere downtown, and I think our other friend Rose will also join us. A lot of new restaurants have popped up in Stockton and it’s cool that the city is becoming nicer. Usually when I think about Stockton I just think it’s hella ghetto, and that’s why I never really used to hang out here. When I still lived in NorCal I was always going to either the bay or Sac, but now there’s actually a few cool places in Stockton. I’d still prefer to hang out in the bay instead of Stockton lol, but I’m down to see the new places and chill here.

I’ll blog again later! I’m starting to accept that all of my blogs are just going to be out of order lol. One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging as much is b/c I wanted to post my blogs in order of when the events happened. But now I just have a bunch of blogs in my head that I haven’t posted and now they keep piling up, so whatever I’m just going to blog everything once they come to mind now lol. Especially since I want to post all the blogs that I’ve been meaning to before the end of the year so I can start the new year fresh and start posting daily again. So I’ll blog again soon.



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