New Jersey for Christmas Gift

Earlier this week I made a trip to Jersey to get my twin/best friend Cindy’s Christmas present. She wanted something from Sephora that was sold out online and also in all of the stores in the city so I went Thursday after work. Not a bad trip though, usually I don’t like going to Jersey b/c it takes forever to get there lol. But this time I was able to take the PATH train which made it easier, most times I’ve gone to Jersey was by bus so it took longer. But from work I just had to go a couple more stops downtown to World Trade, then got on the PATH train from there which is just $2.75 each trip. Then from the PATH train just went 2 stops to Newport, and so only took about 30 min.

Then I got the gift, browsed around for just a little bit, and then left. Newport is nice area, I want to go more often when I want to get away from the craziness in the city lol. Jersey is quieter and has less people, so I’ll probably take more trips there next year.

When I got back to the city I decided to explore more around World Trade, and I’ll talk about it more in my next blog =).


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