Mom’s Birthday / Back to CA – December 22, 2018

Today is my mom’s birthday! Wish I could be with her today, but I’ll be in CA on Monday. I bought my plane ticket a little late, and the cheapest flight back was on the 24th Christmas Eve. But it’s fine b/c I’m arriving in the morning, and also I’ll be staying for 2 weeks again =). I was also in CA for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving so it feels nice to come more often. Very thankful that my new job allows me to work from home, and we also have 6 weeks vacation. As opposed to my last job that only gave me only 2 weeks vacation, so I could barely come home since I always took at least 2 days off every time I came back due to travel time. Well 2 weeks is the norm in the US, but since my company is a European company they give us more vacation days and I’m so thankful.

There’s still so much about my new job that I’ve been wanting to talk about! One of my goals for the new year is to go back to posting every day, or every other day, so I’m excited for that. But before the end of the year I do want to post most of the things I’ve been meaning to and then start fresh in the new year, so a lot more posts coming soon.


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