9/11 Memorial

So ended up going to the World Trade Center after the ferry ride. It was nearby, like a 15 minute walk, and it was nice to go pay my respects before the month ended. Didn’t get to go last Sept, but the year before I went to the 9/11 Museum for like 5 hours trying to read everything in the museum, and there was still an entire section I didn’t get to go through. But definitely want to go back another time to look through the rest of the museum.

The first time I saw the 9/11 Memorial it was overwhelming to take in the fact there were originally 2 120-story buildings that are now completely gone. Obviously I knew what to expect, but just to finally see the memorial in person was a lot to take in.

The city decided to make the original spots of the buildings 2 water basins with the names of everyone who passed away around the borders. Visitors like to place flowers at the names of their loved ones.

(New) World Trade CenterThere’s also a new mural new World Trade Center that I saw here. Not exactly sure what it means, but it looked pretty cool.

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