Star Wars Bar – a.k.a. “Dark Side Bar”

A few weeks ago Robes and I went to a Star Wars bar! I love Star Wars ever since I was a kid, my older cousins got all of us into it. Robes is really into Star Wars too, he said that was one of the things he liked about me when we first met lol. So we were both so excited to go.

The name is actually “Dark Side Bar” and is a pop-up bar in NY that will be around until Dec 31st. Robes just saw a link for it on FaceBook and bought us tickets for a Sat night. The bar had a red light theme that gave it that Star Wars – Dark Side look.There were also decorations on the ceiling that looked like the Death Star. Yes lol.They also had dancers that resembled characters from the Star Wars movies! Gave it that feel from all of the bar scenes.

While we were there I sent pics to my brothers and cousins and they thought it was so cool. My brother asked if there was a live band like in the movie, but I said no just a DJ lol. But still cool, he was playing a mix of Stars Wars songs and hip hop/R&B songs. The coolest thing about the bar had to be the drinks. They all had glowing cubes and dry ice to give that smoky look. The drinks reminded me of the cool drinks in Dland/California Adventure that also have glowing cubes in them.Of course a storm trooper and Darth Vader had to join the party lol.Overall had so much fun! I’ve been meaning to tell people there’s also a Star Wars bar in LA and Washington DC! So any friends from SoCal and DC that are down to go just look it up. Tickets I think $32, and comes with 2 drinks. Maybe I’ll post the link later, but again will be around until Dec 31st. So much fun if you’re a big Star Wars fanatic like myself.

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