Annual Thanksgiving picture with my cousins Chandel and Michelle 💜💙❤️. Always in the same order too lol.

Went to dinner with them in the bay when I was home. Chandel lives in Pleasanton now so met there bc it was the middle point since Michelle came from Oakland and I came from Stockton.

Always love hanging out with them, we’re all the same age and grew up together. I feel like they understand me in a way that others don’t so I always feel better after hanging out with them. So nice to chill with the 3 of us to just catch up and talk about life.

We were trying to plan another time for them to come visit the East Coast! Earlier this year in Feb we all went to Virginia to my Kuya DJ’s house which was so much fun. Our Kuya Mike’s family also came that weekend from North Carolina and it was a big reunion.

But anyways just wanted to share. Excited to hangout again when I come back in a few weeks for Christmas.

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