When You Sell Eagles in Philly – QB Carson Wentz Out for the Rest of the Season Nooo

News this morning that Eagles’ star quarterback Carson Wentz out for the rest of the season nooo. Tore his ACL in yesterday’s game against the LA Rams which they won 43-35 and clinched NFC East division title! First time since 2013. So good news and bad news. But at this point very possible to get the bye for NFC Divisional Game which I am currently trying to sell to one of my clients as home team Eagles! Also have a pending NFC Champ Game I’m selling as Eagles home team in Philly as well.

Funny thing about this business. When you sell specific markets you tend to root for the home teams bc they will make you more money, especially if they’re winning. I sell TV ads in LA, Chicago, and Philly, and most of my business is in Philly.

So I have been all about the Eagles this year! Lol. They’ve had such a great year, and such a turn around from last year. They’ve had the best record in NFL throughout most of the season, and still do with current 11-2 record. Well actually tied with Steelers, but best record in NFC. Still 3 more games left, and should win them all against Giants, Raiders and Cowboys.

Basically people within markets watch their home teams the most, so we can sell ads in these markets for a higher rate. For example, people in Philly watch Eagles games the most since home team, so out of all NFL games watched in Philly, Eagles games achieve the highest ratings. Same for Chicago with the Bears, even though the team sucks, Bears games still achieve highest ratings in Chicago since home team.

Not so much the case though in LA with the Rams and Chargers. Those teams just moved there, and people in LA haven’t completely accepted them as home team yet. Honestly other games still achieve higher ratings than Rams and Chargers in LA. But Rams are actually playing well this year so ratings have been decent, but still getting up there.

Fun fact: I have never known so much about sports until I started working at FOX lol. We sell the most sports so I had to learn. We have the rights to air NFL NFC games, World Series, US Open Golf, College Football and Basketball, NASCAR, and next year we are running Men’s World Cup Soccer.

Last year we had Super Bowl which rotates among FOX, NBC, and CBS each year, next year will be on NBC. In NFL Post Season we have the Sunday NFC Divisional Game and NFC Championship Game.

So yeah just a little more of what I do. What happens in sports affects our jobs lol.

During World Series when it went to Game 7 was crazy in here. Another short story, our job is unpredictable at times so we have to roll with how things go. During World Series, it was not definite that there would be a Game 7 obviously bc if the Astros would have won Game 6 the series would have ended. So when Dodgers won Game 6 and forced Game 7, that was when buyers were more willing to buy spots bc they finally knew it was a definite Game 7. So basically the day of Game 7 we were calling all agencies trying to fill up inventory for that same day. So crazy lol but it got done. Same case actually for game 6, was not definite either, but we were able to sell some Game 6 spots ahead of time as the series went on and it was looking more likely. Game 7 was the hardest to sell bc it does not always happen.

World Series also went to Game 7 last year which was even crazier b/c of the Cubs! Won World Series for the first time in 108 years! I wasn’t a rep yet though, I was still training. But it was fun to watch my team sell all the spots in Chicago for an exciting series.

But anyways going to end this now. Almost end of day, and I plan on taking dance class tonight so I’m excited. Today wasn’t too bad at work, but hopefully the rest of the week is okay. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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