Sept 8-10th, 2017 – Atlanta, GA with Family

Day 1 – Arriving in ATL & Business Conference

Earlier this month went to Atlanta, GA! One of the cities on my bucket list of places visit on the East Coast. My brother Marvin, Uncle Joel, and Auntie Vianne had a business conference there and invited me to come along. Marvin came from CA, Uncle Joel and Auntie Vianne came from Texas, and me from NY. We stayed at the Marriott in downtown that was a very nice hotel, and was also where the conference was held so very convenient. Just stayed downtown all weekend and a lot of things were close by.

So Friday night I went with them to their meeting. It was pretty interesting, heard speeches from people that have succeeded to the top level of the business and it was very inspirational. It went pretty late from 8p to 1030p. Afterwards we were tired so just went back up to the room and slept.

Day 2 – Coca Cola Museum & Georgia Aquarium

The next day my family had another business meeting in the morning, and then after we went to the Coca Cola Museum! Coke originated in Atlanta, and they opened the museum a few years ago. The museum was only about 4 blocks away from the hotel so just walked. Took lots of pics!

When you enter you get a free Coke! There’s a table with a bunch of cans. I chose the green can.

Uncle Joel, Marvin and me

The first room had a lot of old school Coca Cola memorabilia

This was the first Coca Cola building logo made and was moved to this room

How Coke is made with these machines

Cool lab setup

More Coke memorabilia 

Origin of the Coke bottles

One of the activity rooms was called “Vault of the Secret Formula”. Supposedly the secret recipe/formula was in there lol, but I think just a fun room they made

The vault. There was a line in front of it you were not allowed to cross. Very touristy lol

My brother Marvin and me

Cool Coke bottle art! There were a lot of these on the 2nd floor

My favorite room. These bottles were created by various artists. Very cool.

There was another activity room to taste different Coca Cola brands! We learned different brands taste different in other countries. Very interesting. There were small cups and you could try as many as you want. I did not know that some drinks in other countries do not taste good haha. Some were good though. Fun experience.

This room had the regular Coke flavors

Cool Coke bottles moving across the ceiling to give a factory feel.

Georgia Aquarium

After the Coca Cola Museum we went back to the hotel b/c my family had another business conference. While they went I decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium! Which was actually right next to the Coca Cola Museum. It used to be the biggest museum in the world at one point, until it was beat out by Hong Kong or something. Took a lot of pics here as well.


Baby sting rays

Lion fish

Cool jelly fish! One of my favorite animals I saw

Giant sting rays

Leopard shark

Had a good time here! It’s always cool going to a museum b/c you don’t see animals every day lol. Last time I went to an aquarium was last year in Chicago, and before that went to the San Diego Zoo right before moving to NY and both were very fun. So I recommend visiting zoos/aquariums sometime.

Centennial Olympic Park – Home to 1996 Olympics

After the Georgia Aquarium went across the street to Centennial Olympic Park which was home of the 1996 Olympics. Lots of cool monuments.

Names of Olympic winners

Another interesting fact, the CNN headquarters is in Atlanta and the building is near the park.

Cool fountain pool

Took this pic below on the way to meet my family for dinner. City view.

Dinner at Ray’s in the City

At night met back with my family for dinner at a restaurant called Rays in the City which was just across the street from our hotel. Very nice restaurant. I ordered a filet minion and my brother Marvin ordered a lobster tail.

For dessert we had chocolate cake and sorbet ice cream.

Dinner was very good, and after just went back to the hotel. Marvin had a very early flight back to CA so went back to sleep. Fun last night in ATL.

Day 3 – Bojangles & Back to NY

In the morning Uncle Joel and I woke up with Marvin before he left to the airport. I got him an Uber to the airport b/c the trains there don’t run 24/7, and on Sundays don’t start running until 6a or 7a. He had to leave around 5a since his flight was at 630a, so we walked him downstairs and said bye to him. Then went back up and slept again.

Woke up around 9a, and my flight back to NY was 12:45p. Uncle Joel and Auntie Vianne went to a church service that morning, and I stayed at the room to shower and get ready. After they got back we all checked out. Uncle Joel gave me a book he recommended to read, which I will be doing soon. Below is actually a pic of another book he recommends but did not have another copy, so will get this sometime, too.

Around 1030a said bye to Uncle Joel and Auntie Vianne and headed to the train get to the airport.


One of the main things I wanted to do in Atlanta was get BOJANGLES! The best chicken lol. Only on the East Coast and mostly in the south, but some locations have opened up near Virginia. Last time I went was in Virginia with my cousins back in Feb.

But yes SO BOMB. Way better than KFC and Popeyes. I sent pics to my cousins back home lol. I also bought some to go to bring back to Robes b/c he had never had it before.

The best meal ever lol

The sweet tea is also THE BEST

Then got on my plane and got back to NY around 4p. Was such a great weekend! Glad to see family b/c I don’t think I’ll be going back to Cali until Christmas time. T

hen actually when I got back I had dinner with my aunt and uncle from Seattle the day after on Monday which I blogged about before this (I know all my posts are mixed up lol) but very thankful to have seen all of them.



Haven’t been blogging daily like I usually do, but finished all my long posts now so trying to get back on track. Well going to get back to work now. See ya!

-Carolyn ❤

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