Sept 11, 2017 – Dinner with Uncle Benny & Auntie Debra from Seattle

Monday had a very nice dinner with my Uncle Benny and Auntie Debra from Seattle! I saw them in California in July at my cousin’s wedding, and my Uncle Benny told me they were going to NY soon and  wanted to meet. He ended up texting me this past weekend, but then I told him I was going to Atlanta! Luckily he said he was staying until Tues and my Auntie Debra until Friday, so we made plans to have dinner Monday night.

We went to a very nice restaurant in Rockefeller Center called Limani. We met after work at 7p. They were staying at a hotel near the southern part of Central Park and I told them I worked nearby, so my uncle chose this restaurant that was close.

And so nice they told me to invite Robes! We had just gotten there and were catching up, and they asked if I had met anyone and I said, “Yes I have a boyfriend here.” So they said, “Oh you should invite him!” Robes had actually just texted me he just got off work so I invited him and he met with us.

So nice to catch up with them. My Auntie Debra has a work conference in NY this week from Tuesday until Friday, but she came a few days early to explore the city and my Uncle Benny came along. Auntie Debra told us how she works in accounting for an aerospace company and they have conferences in different places including LA, Atlanta, and now NY. This was their first time here.

Dinner was very good. Uncle Benny and Robes had a filet minion, and Auntie Debra and I shared a whole lobster.

They were able to cut the lobster in half so Auntie Debra and I were able to have our own portion.

Robes came later so no pics lol, but for appetizers we shared oysters and calamari.

We caught up and talked about a lot of things, they were so fun. We talked about Seattle and how the last time I was there was when I was 6 years old for my Auntie Yoly’s wedding, my dad’s only sister. My mom and I went to Seattle and I was the flower girl lol. They were inviting to come back again and visit.

I did not know that I used to live with my Uncle Benny! Or maybe I knew a long time ago and forgot. But when I first came to the US from the Philippines we lived in the bay in Union City, and Uncle Benny also lived with us. I have a lot of pics with Uncle Benny when I was little so that explains it lol. Then later he moved to Seattle and we moved to the valley.

We also talked about my dad. Uncle Benny said he was also in the military and got out before my dad did. He was in the army for like 10-12 years, and my dad was in the marines for 4 years. It was really nice to hear past stories about my dad and our family.

For dessert we had donut cream puffs and chocolate cake with ice cream.

At the end of dinner they gave me a gift! Robes mentioned that the original Starbucks is in Seattle, and then they remembered they got me a gift from there. They said you can only get this mug from that Starbucks in Seattle. So cool!

Original Starbucks logo

On the back of the cup it says “The First Store”

After dinner we walked outside around Rockefeller Center.

There was some event going on with a live band playing, and we found out it was for a finance company. We thought it was cool that they rented out the entire Rockefeller Center, and on a Monday night lol.

Behind us is the NBC building

We told them how it’s very nice here during Christmas time. These are the nice fountains at Rockefeller Center and we told them how the Christmas tree is put at the very end behind us. I also told them how I went to the tree lighting last year.


Around 10pm Robes and I left since it was getting late and we had work tomorrow. We thanked my aunt and uncle again for dinner and then walked to our trains. On the way to the trains we passed by Radio City Music Hall.

So the night was very fun. It was nice to see family this past week. I also saw family in Atlanta b/c I went there with my brother, aunt, and uncle which I will also blog about later. But seeing Uncle Benny and Auntie Debra was nice. They told me they were proud of me for moving out here by myself, and that it’s good to do it when I’m young. It was nice to hear b/c sometimes I get sad that I’m far away, but the reason I moved is b/c I knew it would be a great experience and at this age. I’m glad to have the support from family and friends.

-Carolyn ❤

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