Sept 25th, 2017 – Weekend at Global Citizen Festival and NY Jets Home Opener

Getting back into my daily blogs. Monday night and just want to recap on my weekend.

This past weekend was really fun. Saturday went to Global Citizen Festival in Central Park with my co-worker Dia. We’ve gotten pretty close, she’s new on my team and was in the training program after me. They were recently told their placements and she is placed in NY. She’s like me, also from California and now will be settling here.

But yeah she was down to come and we got tickets for only $20! Better than the deal I got last year $40 and only caught the last 2 hours. This year saw more of the show at a lower price. We saw Chainsmokers, Green Day, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. So cool! Never thought I would see Stevie Wonder, and also Pharrell for this price. We missed Big Sean and Alessia Cara but it was fine. After we went to a bar and watched college football, and I gave her a bunch of tips about work and our team. Looking out for her <3.

Then yesterday went to the NY Jets home opener vs. the Miami Dolphins with Robes and his friends. Had a lot of fun, even though it was so hot! We had seats in the sun, but decided to move and found seats in another section in the shade yes. And Jets won! If you aren’t familiar with them they aren’t a very good team, won only like 4 games last year lol. But New Yorkers are loyal to their teams including my bf lol he’s a die hard fan. But they actually won yesterday! And Jets almost shut them out, with seconds left in the 4th quarter the Dolphins scored a touchdown, but whatever Jets still won 20-6. Funny I’ve only been to 2 Jets games, went to a game last year too, and they won both times. Robes was like, ‘Yeah you’re going to have to come to every game with me” lol. So had a lot of fun.

Have some more thoughts, but will post again later. And need to sleep soon. Okay see ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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