Aug 15, 2017 – Homesickness – Getting Placed in NY

Eating lunch and just want to blog real quick. Some thoughts of today.

Been feeling homesick again lately. This happens every time after a vacation. Sometimes I’m like, “Dang I’m really still in NY? Crazy” lol. For those who don’t know I’m in NY b/c I got into the FOX Sales Training Program that happens once or twice a year. I used to be an assistant at the LA office, and they usually like people from within the company to go for the program. I was hesitant to go for it bc I was only in the company for a year, but the LA managers encouraged me to do it and fortunately I got in. There were 4 of us in my class – 2 of us were from LA, one from Miami, and one from D.C.

After the program the company chooses which office we get placed. We have like 13 offices in the US, but all in major cities including LA, SF, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philly, Tampa, etc.

It’s the craziest thing knowing you will be placed somewhere in the US. I’ll never forget that day we found out. One day our manager that trained us just started calling us into her office one at a time and we knew she was telling us. We were told we would know before Thanksgiving and it was coming up.

One of my coworkers went in first, then I was second, and my other coworker third. Oh yeah my coworker in the program that came from D.C. actually knew he was going back to D.C. He was sponsored by the station to train and go back there, the first time the program ever did that. So 3 of us were waiting to find out. In the end 2 of us got placed in NY and 1 in LA.

Such a crazy feeling. After I found out I was staying in NY, first thing I did was take my phone, ran out to the front of our building, and called my best friend Cindy. I told her, “OMG twin they placed me in NY. This place is crazy!” Long story short but yeah I thought the NY office was crazy. Actually I still do feel that way haha. It’s just different. Let’s just say that here they don’t believe in lunches, and if you do take one people think it’s weird. Completely different mindset than from Cali. Honestly it took a little while for me to get used to, but I’ll talk about that another time.

I do like NY though. I’m glad to be placed in a fun city. So many things to do and explore here, I love it. I’m also glad I wasn’t placed in any of the cities that I didn’t want lol such as Minneapolis, MN (so cold there), Charlotte, NC (omg nothing there our smallest office), or Gainseville, FL (same as Charlotte lol).

Don’t know why I started talking about all that. But again just get homesick sometimes. I miss my friends and family. I try to text and call people as much as I can. It’s not the same, but it helps. And it’s nice to catch up. I talk to my best friend Cindy every week or every other week. Also text others, but I wish some people would visit again? Recently 2 friends from Cali were here, my ading Earl and Justin Element. That was really nice to hangout with SoCal friends. But yeah.

Maybe I’m talking about it b/c lately I’ve been trying to make changes to be happier here and make more friends. More details to come. But yeah definitely need to do something about this homesickness and just working all the time.

Besides that things have been good. Still need to blog about my Miami trip! Have so many pictures and stories. So that will be next probably tonight.

Okay well really should get back to work soon. Enjoy this pic of my training class! From left to right: Chad from LA, CareyAnn from Miami, Liz VP Sales/Training & Development, myself, and Jarred from Washington DC. This was taken at our celebration dinner at a nice restaurant called Beauty and Essex after finishing the first half of the program, the training portion. The last portion was being on the floor shadowing the sales teams. At the end of the 6 months we were placed.

Well back to work now. See ya.

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