Aug 11, 2017 – Work Hard, Stay Focused, & Be Patient – Artsy Vibe

"Work hard, stay focused, and be patient."

Just saw this quote in front of a store. Glad to see this b/c I have had a lot on my mind this week. But this is exactly what I need to do.

Anyways right now just got out of work and walking to dance class! So tired but excited to dance b/c it's been a few weeks. Came back from Miami a few days ago and it was so fun! Still need to blog about that and post pics. But Robes made a really cool recap video I'll post on here too.

Other than that just glad it's the weekend. Only worked for 3 days this week but for some reason felt long lol.

So this guy just stopped me and said I give off a really artsy vibe haha. I was like well I'm going to dance class! And he guessed I was from NorCal which is funny. I told him I dance hip hop and then he guessed I was from NorCal. Interesting. Then he asked for my number then I walked away lol.

Okay well going to eat now but blog again later. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤️

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