I used to dance when younger, and last time I was on a team was 2013. Looking back this is how it all started.

I remember I just used to love to dance. I would dance in my room lol when I was like 10 or 12 to a lot of Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys and etc. All these popular pop songs back then. I did it b/c I loved it and it was so fun.

Also at family parties my cousins and I would also make choreo to songs and then perform for our family haha. Looking back it was the funniest thing. I remember our kuyas used to make fun of us lol. But we loved it and performed a lot lol.

When I was in high school I auditioned for the dance team at school. It was actually Dance Club, but you had to audition. It was mostly black girls, and I remember wanting to join after seeing them perform at a school rally. There was no audition piece, you just  freestyled in front of the Dance Club adviser and she basically chose. I was glad to have made it! I still kinda remember my freestyle haha and I guess I did pretty well for that style that was popular back then.

While I was in the club I think I performed like twice at the school rallies. They were so fun. Me and one other friend were the only Asian girls in the club, and one white girl. I think I mostly did it junior year, then I think senior year things got kind of disorganized and we didn’t perform. But that was basically my first time learning choreo and dancing.

Then senior year I auditioned for my first competing team which was in Stockton called Rhythm Inc. Oh man they were the biggest thing back then! They performed at the Kilusan Picnic. Omg I just remembered the name right now lol it was the picnic held with all the Filipino clubs of all the high schools in Stockton. And all schools performed a dance, and also competed against each other in games. Then at the end there was a winner. My school never won, the Filipino clubs at other high schools were way bigget lol. But anyways that’s where I first saw them. Then they held auditions later that I did not know about! And one of the girls at my school actually got on the team. I remember seeing some videos she posted and I was like omg I wana audition for that team! So the next time they had auditions and I went, and fortunately got on.

They taught 2 audition pieces and I remember them being so hard. It was hard for me to remember the choreo and they kept moving on. But I kept asking to go over the last part haha. In the end I guess I did okay b/c I got on the team lol. But yeah my first time learning more advanced choreo. When I was in the Dance Club at school honestly it was mostly like ghetto moves and choreo so it was different. But Rhythm Inc was first time learning more legit choreo.

To be continued later

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