NorCal July 2017 – Family – Cousin’s Wedding

So along with posting pics of NY will also be posting pics from Cali! I feel like I live 3 separate lives lol. My life in NorCal, SoCal, and NY. So those who don’t know I am originally from NorCal, my family lives there in Stockton. Then I moved to Long Beach in SoCal for school in 2010 and lived there until 2016, and from there moved to NY and here I am.

At the beginning of July I went back to NorCal for my cousin Dez’s wedding. Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make b/c bought my ticket kind of late, but was able to find flights at a decent price so was able to go. Also we had vacation for 4th of July from work so that worked out. I was home from June 30 – July 6.

Below are pics from the wedding! My cousin who got married is my first cousin Dez. She had a nice wedding in Modesto. So nice to be around my family, especially everyone from my side. Family came from Texas and Seattle as well, and myself from NY.

My brother Brad! The oldest one after me. We are 2 years apart. Buff guy lol he used to be a body builder. Taking care of the fam while I’ve been away.

My little cousin Abby. She is so big now and so pretty! And attending SD State so proud of her. We are the 2 in our family that moved to SoCal for school.

My brother Brad’s fiance Lina! Her and my brother recently got engaged this past New Years. They’ve been together for like 9 years and their wedding is next year in 2018.

My 3 brothers and I! I am the oldest and only girl yes lol. Brad is 25, Marvin 23, and Denver 15. They are so big now! Haven’t had a nice sibling pic like this in a while! Loved this pic of us. Fun fact my family is MOSTLY BOYS. Seriously there’s only a handle of us girls lol. My aunt, my dad’s only sister, was the only girl with 5 boys. We are 1 girl and 3 boys. Very proud they have grown up to be smart and handsome young men.

All the cousins with Dez and her husband Ryan! He seems like such a sweet guy and I’m so happy for her. Dez and I are the oldest on my side of the family.

So just some pics. I miss home a lot, but doing my thing out here for now and thankful that my family is so supportive. Will be moving back home in the future.

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