July 31, 2017 – Boozy Sunday Yesterday – 3 More Days Until Miami

Good morning! So today is Monday, but don’t feel too much of the Monday blues b/c I only have 3 more work days and then MIAMI! So excited! Robes and I decided to take a vacation. We’ve both never been so excited to explore a new place with him. We haven’t taken a trip since Memorial Day weekend to Philly so this trip will be fun. Will be there from Thurs to Sun. Just need to make sure I get a lot of my work done.

One of the good things about this job is that other people can easily cover us when we’re gone, just have to leave them all the materials needed. But also want to get as much done so I don’t leave too much work. Only thing is that my assistant is also on vacation the same days as me so that worries me a little. When I’m out he handles everything very well, but it’s okay we’ll figure it out.

But anyways, this past weekend was fun! Saturday watched Warm Up in Jersey. It was fun watching a dance show again. Makes me feel like I wana dance again. But then with work and the time it takes to be on a team it’s like ugh no can’t do it. But I like taking classes at House of Movement so will just continue to do that =). But yeah the show was fun, and it was cool b/c it wasn’t a competition so there were a lot of choreographers who performed their own projects.

Then yesterday on Sunday hungout with 2 friends from Cali, Justin and my ading Earl. We had so much fun! Went to Le Bain rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel which is my new favorite rooftop view of the city. Robes took me there for the first time a couple weeks ago and I loved it. Now I want to take everyone there it’s so nice. But yeah they loved it. We caught up a lot and drank 3 pitchers of drinks lol. Last time I hungout with Justin and Earl was back in like Sept or Oct when they came to NY. So it was nice to catch up again b/c a lot of new things have happened since then. So glad to hear they’re both doing well, and I also had some nice updates for them.

I was glad they got to meet Robes and they all got along really well. The 3 of them are very alike lol they all do photography so they talked about that a lot. They even took some photos later when we left Le Bain. They all also have the same vibe so I knew they would like each other, they basically became bros lol.

After Le Bain we went to a beer garden nearby and got more drinks there. Then after that went to another place and got drinks again and ate burgers, and then went home. We were all so drunk lol. Robes and I went back to my place and freakin knocked out like at 8 or 9p lol. Then woke up around 130a, then went back to sleep.

This morning Justin and Earl commented on FB that they were hungover and that we all thought we were 21 again and went crazy yesterday haha. They said they had pics on their cameras they don’t remember taking lol. I was all “You guys even took pic on Robes camera!” I also said how I was looking through my snaps this morning to remember what we did b/c I also didn’t fully remember haha. But yeah yesterday was so much fun.

Okay well going to get back to work now. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

Photo cred: Earl Buenaobra

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