I Know I’m a City Girl Now When I’ve Learned to Put My Make-Up on the Bus lol

Hello! So quick blog before I start work. This morning I was up so late! I actually put my alarm earlier so I could wake up earlier, but then of course I freakin keep snoozing my alarm until I just sleep through them completely lol.

But I wasn’t too late. Actually I get to work early everyday. Our office opens at 8:30a, and I get to work everyday at 8a. Since I’m new my manager likes me to get in everyday at 8a. Honestly I think she doesn’t care anymore, I’ve already been on the floor for 7 months now. There are some days I’ve come in a few min late and she doesn’t care, but it helps to get in early so I continue to do it. I get settled in, and there’s not many people here yet so it’s chill. Then by the time it’s 8:30a I’m ready to go. My manager is kind of a stickler too, throughout the day she often asks us what we’re working on and you just have to be on top of it. But it keeps us on our toes and it’s made me better.

But yeah got to work around 8:15a today so not too bad, and my manager was okay. But I did my makeup on the bus lol that’s what I do when I have to leave later. And actually I do an okay job lol. Now I’m here, checked some emails, and want to get my coffee and be set.

Other than that, just working today and tomorrow and then off to Miami! So excited! I honestly didn’t buy too many clothes b/c I already have a lot of summer clothes from living in SoCal lol. But I might want to go buy one more bathing suit. I have some here that I’ve never used on the East coast lol but I think I might want just one new one. If I have time today or tomorrow to go shop so we’ll see.

Okay well going to get started with the day now. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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