New Year’s in CA

Last post, but wanted to share some pics from New Year’s in CA! I was really happy to be home for both Christmas and New Year’s. I was home for Christmas last year, but spent New Year’s in NY. Then the year before I was at my Kuya DJ’s house in Virginia, so it was nice to spend New Year’s in CA after spending it on the East Coast for the past 2 years.

New Year’s is always spent at my Auntie Delia’s house in Stockon because it’s also her birthday. Also New Year’s is usually when our entire family gets together. We used to spend Christmas and New Year’s with all of the families, but these days we all spend Christmas with our immediate families and then New Year’s altogether. I must say we do have a pretty big family lol but I love it.

My cousins Chandel and Michelle

All of the cousins (and significant others) after our annual New Year’s white elephant! We always play Secret Santa or White Elephant, but throughout the years we’ve found it easier to play White Elephant. The biggest White Elephant I’ve ever played with 25 people lol

Mom asked me to take a solo pic of her lol

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