Brunch in Long Beach with NorCal Friends – January 2015

This popped up on my Face Book memories today – such a cute pic! This was 3 years ago in January 2015 when I had brunch with NorCal friends Jenny and Krista who had spent the weekend in SoCal, along with their other friends. Actually I already knew Shei b/c she lived in Long Beach, and I didn’t know they all knew each other, and they actually stayed at her place lol. Such a small world.

I also like this pic b/c it was back when I had short hair. Sometimes I miss my short hair! It was cute lol and I liked my A-line. But I do like that my hair has finally grown now, took like years. I kept trimming it b/c when it did start grow out it was at an awkward length so I would end up cutting it. But at one point I finally just let grow out again, when I moved to New York actually. But anyways just thought to share 💕

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