January 23, 2018 – Thoughts About Moving Apartments

So last night I actually had a talk with one of my roommates about moving apartments. Our apartment now is nice, and we all have our own room, and we pay a good price, but there are actually places out there that are even nicer, and around the same price. So I thought to ask, if we can find one, then would they be willing to move? And my roommate said yes she would be down. So I was happy, and now I just have to ask our other 2 roommates. Probably won’t have a place as nice as this lol, but hopefully something close.

Our apartment is decent, and has been kept clean, but it’s older and it would be nice to have a more updated apartment, with more updated appliances, and even more space. So now that I know one roommate is down, just have to ask the others. My roommate that I spoke with last night also said our other roommate also wanted to move out, so that’s good. Just have to see what the 4th roommate would say, but I think she would be down, too. So yeah we’ll see.

This year I’m really trying to make moves and improvements to my life. Last year I felt like I was still learning about NY and getting used to how things are here. Now this year I really want to go forward and make my life here even better, and that includes getting a new place, getting involved in more activities, and some other changes as well that I will talk about later. But a lot of things are in the works and I’m excited for what’s coming up this year.

Okay well going to get back to work now. Will blog again later. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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