“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

January 16, 2018

Well that was a rush. So I just finished auditioning for voice class at Juilliard. Who would have ever thought I would do that lol. I had fun, it was nice singing again after a few years. I think I did well, I wasn’t completely sure what they were looking for, I think they want to see what level we are at. Is there a specific level you have to be at to get into the class? The evening division at Juilliard includes classes open to the public, and some of the voice classes required an audition.

I talked to another guy auditioning, we were both waiting outside the room for our turn. He said he took the basic voice class that did not require an audition and said it was fun. I didn’t even know there was a voice class you didn’t have to audition for? All the voice classes I saw listed you had to audition lol. But anyways, so he said he took that and had a lot of fun, and now was auditioning for the higher level voice class. I said, “Oh okay. Well I guess I went straight for the audition class” and then he said, “You’re brave” lol.

I’ve had a lot of choir experience though. I sang all through elementary school, high school, and college. I also played violin and flute in elementary. I would say I got pretty good too and then I stopped. I wasn’t going to play them forever or become a professional violinist. My family always asked me why I stopped playing violin and I would tell them just that.

So yeah I really enjoy music, it brings me life. Just being inside Juilliard is amazing, I’m still here actually. Just hanging out for a while bc I’m meeting a friend for dinner in like 20 min at a place is nearby. Also it’s warm in here lol.

But anyways, so I thought I did well! So I haven’t sang in a while so I didn’t sing an Italian art song like I had originally wanted to. Also I contacted my brother Denver to find my music in my stuff at our house back in Stockton and he couldn’t find them. I don’t know why, I know I didn’t throw them away. So I just tried to look up pieces I remembered and chose from those. I told myself to sing songs I was comfortable with and remembered, not too hard since it’s been a while, but also good songs that would show my voice nicely. So I decided to sing one of the Christmas classics “O Holy Night”. All Christmas hymns are nice to sing. I found sheet music online for free and printed it for the piano accompanist. The piano was actually kind of simple, but I liked it bc it was easy to practice and it was in a key I liked. So I sang that first and I think I did pretty well.

The second song I sang was actually a cappella, which I know is harder, but it was one of my favorite songs called “In Remembrance.” I sang it when I was in the Northern California Regional Honor Choir in high school and I still remember it. So I said to myself whatever I like this song so I’m going to sing it. And it’s really pretty to sing! And I thought showcased my voice and range nicely. The only thing was since it was a cappella I was a little nervous and you could hear it in a few words. Also I think I shouldn’t have looked at my music, when I got inside I decided to have it in front of me just in case, and you were allowed to. But actually I looked at it half the time and the other half didn’t. Overall though I think I still did well.

Now I wait a week for an email to find out if I got in. So is there an intermediate and advanced class? Now I wish I would have sang harder songs. Again I didn’t know what they were looking for! Lol. But the pieces I sang were still really nice. So I hope I get in the class, and also get a good placement. I wish I could get into the advanced class. But we’ll see.

There was a form we had to fill out and bring into the room with us. One of the questions asked what other languages you can sing and the options were Italian, German, French, and English, and it felt good that I could circle all four. I sang all of these languages throughout high school and college and had to learn how to pronounce the words. I guess you can say I can read Italian and German, and some French, I’ve sang one French piece before. It was just nice to be reminded of some of the things I used to do in choir.

Okay well need to head out now, 5 min until it’s time to meet my friend. Again I hope I get in! I’ll come back with an update later. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤️

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