October 7, 2017 – Throwback – My Cousins Chandel, Michelle and I

Thought to share. My cousins Chandel, Michelle and I have a group text and today Chandel sent this throwback pic to us. She said, “Our classic picture!” Haha. It really is though. I don’t know how old we are here, maybe like 6 or 7? What are we wearing haha.

But this was taken in Union City at our Papa Rick’s house. This stair thing was in their backyard and we used to always play on it. I grew up with my cousins, the 3 of us are the same age. Interesting fact: there are 8 of us cousins that are the same age: Chandel, Michelle, Dez, Jeff, Tom, Jesse, James, and I.

But anyways yeah just thought to share. I miss them ❤️

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