October 6, 2017 – 21st Century Fox Impact Week – Volunteered for “Photography Explorers at Central Park”

Yesterday has so much fun volunteering for 21st Century Fox Impact Week for the event called “Photography Explorers at Central Park.” This whole week we had volunteer events throughout the company in major cities, and some of my coworkers and I signed up for this event together.

The event took place at PS 208 on 111th St, and we partnered with a group called NY Cares that hosts volunteer events throughout the city. This event was to work with 3rd – 5th graders and teach them photography techniques. The plan was to go to Central Park, which was just a block away, and have the kids take pictures with digital cameras. We gave them a couple assignments such as having to take a picture that includes the sky. At the end they were to pick their favorite picture, print it, and decorate a frame to put it in.

Each volunteer partnered with a student, and I partnered with Siniyah. She was so sweet. I learned that she was 10 years old, only child, lives a block away from the school and goes to school by herself every morning. She likes to bring lunch to school, bringing either a sandwich or Lunchables. She hella brought me back to my childhood. I  loved Lunchables! Also her birthday is next week on the 12th and said she was going to a water park the weekend after. On the day of her birthday she was going to come to school not wearing uniform. The students have a green uniform, but she said they are given free-dress day coupons and she was going to use one on her birthday.

So we walked the kids to the park and helped them take pictures. It was such a nice day out. We were by a lake and Siniyah took some pics of the turtles and ducks that were in the water. I also took some pics of her wearing some props that were provided for the kids. She used these giant purple sunglasses and I took a pic of her in front of the lake.

There was a also a camera crew there filming the event, and there was going to be a segment that night on the 5p and 10p news. The kids were so cute. They said, “I’m going to stay up until 10p tonight to watch!” Lol.

After about an hour we headed back to the school, and then the kids printed their favorite pictures. Siniyah chose the picture I took of her in front of the lake wearing the big sunglasses. After she printed her picture, she chose a purple frame to decorate and put her picture in. We both had in common that purple is our favorite color =). After the kids decorated their frames they all presented their pictures to the class. So cute. Then after we all ate pizza, and then it was time for the volunteers to leave.

But yeah had so much fun. It was nice to volunteer b/c I haven’t since last year’s Impact Week. I also used to volunteer a lot in college so it was nice to volunteer again. Afterwards we headed back to work. It was a chill day since only had a few more hours. Just finished a few things, and then finally the weekend.

So yeah just wanted to share yesterday’s event. Will blog again later! See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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