Nov 2022 – Time / Re-Inspired

Almost the end of the year and been meaning to blog again. I’m putting this out there so I can push myself, but want to write a bunch more blogs before the end of the year 🖋️. Also just started reading a book yesterday called ‘168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think’ which is about how to better manage your time 📘. It’s based on the viewpoint that there are 168 hours in a week, and if we look at time in that way, by hours per week instead of 24- hour days, then we can actually do a lot more with our time ⏱️. Maybe I’ll share more later about what else I learn – I just read the first chapter, but already inspired to continue reading the rest of the book and excited to learn more.

Also writing again since I was inspired last night by some friends to continue being creative and to do things for me 💕. As much as I love writing, there are still times I get self-conscious about what I write about, but they reminded me that I should write for myself. Not everyone will always like or agree with things I say, but as long as I’m staying authentic to myself is what truly matters, and I appreciated that. I started this blog while I was living in NY to share my experiences, and it also helped me get through some tough times and to remind myself to keep going, so I’ll continue to do just that.

Been meaning to share more about my Europe trip last month! ✈️ Went to Barcelona for work, and then after traveled to Rome and then Vienna. So that will be next and will blog again soon.

Carolyn 💜

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