Spotify Car Thing

Also finally tested and installed this in my car yesterday – Spotify Car Thing. It’s literally called Spotify Car Thing lol Spotify’s car device. I got an email a month ago asking if I wanted to test it and so I said yes. It’s free for employees, and we just have to provide feedback on it. I think it’s pretty cool, and it’s a little smaller than my phone. I already have a screen that displays the music in my car so I basically have 2 screens now, but this device is voice activated. It’s basically Alexa/Siri, but Spotify.

To command it, I say “Hey Spotify” and then give a command just like Alexa/Siri. I could say, “Hey Spotify, play this album/track” or “Hey Spotify, play next track” and so on. I really like it because there have been times that I was listening to a playlist, but then got the craving to listen to a song that’s not on the playlist, so then had to grab my phone while driving to search up the song and that’s not safe lol. But now I could just ask the Spotify Car Thing to go to the track and all set. Yesterday I just drove to the store and asked it to play a bunch of tracks just for fun lol. So anyone who rides with me now, feel free to talk to it 💚

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