May 19, 2021 – Update on Marley

Went to the vet yesterday and found out Marley is starting to develop arthritis 😔. But he’s okay and is feeling better now that he has medication. I stay thinking he is still young since he still looks like a puppy (I actually call him ‘puppy’ instead of Marley lol) and he still has so much energy. He loves running around at the park, but we just need to limit that now.

I usually bring him to the park and let him run off-leash, and we started going more often since he loves it so much. But the vet reminded me he is old so can’t run around everyday, so will probably just let him run around a couple of times a week.

He also likes jumping on the couch, so will just have to limit that too. After the visit to the vet I decided to order a dog ramp so he can use that to get on the couch.

So overall he will be okay! Thanks everyone for the well wishes 💕

Carolyn 💜

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