November 2017 – Thanksgiving in NorCal

Haven’t blogged in a while, so want to share my Thanksgiving vacation back home in NorCal. Went back to Cali November 23-27th and had so much fun, and was much needed. Last time I was in Cali was in July for my cousins wedding, so 5 months until I came back again. I have to admit it’s hard, and I want to come home more often. I told myself to save money and just go home on the holidays bc it’s expensive going back home. Not like when I lived in SoCal and would go home to NorCal. I would fly home if there were cheap flights, but if not then I would just drive, and even better if people were down to carpool. Now being out here I can’t just drive home lol, I have to take a flight that’s atleast 5 hours long. But it’s okay, this is just how things are now, and just have to accommodate as best I can. My friend Steph, who also used to live in NY but moved back to CA recently, told me that I really do need to go home when I can for my sanity and it’s true. From now on my goal is to go home every 3 months.

But anyways, yes Thanksgiving was so fun. There was a family party at my Auntie Delia’s house in Stockton. Every year Thanksgiving is usually at their house. I don’t know how that happened lol, every year they always end up hosting which is fine. My Uncle Tim makes the BEST mashed potatoes and gravy. So I’m known for being the one to eat a giant plate of mashed potatoes and gravy every Thanksgiving lol. And it’s true! It’s just so good! The best thing ever lol. Uncle Tim’s gravy also has turkey mixed into it ahh so good. But yeah of course I continued that tradition again this year and got my big plate of mashed potatoes lol.

It was nice catching up with everyone and just feeling the love from family. Now they call me the NY girl. My brother Brad and Lina went to Dland for Thanksgiving so they weren’t with us at the party, but I saw them when they came back that Sunday.

During the party played a lot of games with my cousins, we had board games and online games all going on upstairs. Downstairs my uncles played poker and my aunties sang Christmas songs lol. Then when it got late left with my mom and brother Denver.

Did a few other things during my stay, and will blog about those separately. Overall, was very happy to come home for the holidays and will be back again this month for Christmas vacation.

-Carolyn ❤️

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