October 23, 2017 – Quote to Start the Week

I’ve been blogging a lot online, but I also like to write in my journals. Fun fact: I like to collect journals lol. I didn’t even realize it before, but I found myself every Christmas when playing Secret Santa always adding “journal” to my wish list every year. There are still some journals I haven’t written in, I will eventually, but I just like collecting them.

Today I wrote in this journal for the first time. Robes gave it to me, a Moleskin journal which I love. He’s also given me another purple one, but finally wrote in this one today.

While looking through notes in my phone I found this quote, and thought it would be a good first quote to write. I tend to get homesick, and also overthink sometimes that I should have gone another route in life, but this quote reminds me to be thankful for my path. I’m also a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and so this reminds me to stay calm and that everything will be okay.

Not going to blog too long bc need to go to sleep soon, but just thought to share. Goodnight.

-Carolyn ❤️

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