October 12th, 2017 – Almost Friday

Thursday today and almost end of day, so thought to blog. Wanted to share this pic of me and my coworker Shakina in Times Square. She was on my team here at the NY office and we became really close. She was always looking out for me from the beginning when I first got here for the program. She was also in the program years ago, and finished the 3 year contract last October. Last week was her last week at the NY office b/c she got transferred to the Atlanta office. She wanted to go and our company flew her out there to interview, and she got it. So happy for her b/c she deserves it, she’s been at the NY office for a while and has been wanting to move somewhere and explore. She has the biggest heart and gave me a lot of advice about work and also life.

Sharing this b/c I just texted her telling her I miss her haha. She left NY already and is on the way to Atlanta. This was the first week without her and it was different. She was part of my daily routine lol. I used to go into her office every morning and also at the end of day to just talk about anything. But I know we will still be in touch, I told her I’ll still be calling and texting her haha. So yeah.

But I am thankful that I’ve gotten close with other coworkers here. There was another program after mine with 3 other people, and they all got placed in NY. I was happy b/c I became close with 2 of them, and one of them is now on my team. She basically replaced Shakina and got some of Shakina’s accounts, and some of mine as well. Now I talk to them often. They have been busy though since they just started out, but I still pop into their offices throughout the day.

So yeah just some thoughts. I think I also miss home. This year I have been home basically every 3 months – went back in March, and then July. Now it’s October and I feel the homesickness kicking in again. But I didn’t plan to go home until Dec for Christmas b/c I wanted to save money. But now I’m starting to think maybe I should, it’s hard being away for so long. But we’ll see. I heard there were some cheap flights right now. One of my coworkers just got a cheap flight to go back in Nov for like $250 round trip which is good. I usually pay like $500-$600 every time I go home -__-. So yeah we’ll see.

Other than that just looking forward to the weekend like always lol. It was cold today! The weather is still up and down here, cold one day and then hot again another. I kind of want to go running tonight when I get home, but we’ll see how I feel.

Okay well going to finish a couple more things and then head home soon.

-Carolyn ❤

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