July 29, 2017 -Warm Up Showcase Today -Not Having to Drive the Past Year

Happy Saturday! So going to blog real quick b/c need to get ready soon. But today going to Jersey to watch Robes and his team perform at Warm Up Showcase. I’m going with 2 of his teammates that aren’t performing and I’m excited b/c were driving there yess.

I kinda wanted to talk about the fact that I don’t drive anymore. One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to share how different life is out here. Completely different from my life out in Cali. Cali has a driving culture, you need a car to get anywhere. I’ve been driving since I was 16. But here I just take the subway everywhere.

Every week I buy a 30-day unlimited Metro card for $32. I really should buy the monthly for I think $125, but then I get scared of losing it lol b/c I’ve already lost it twice. If you lose it there is a process to get your money back, but I guess I would rather not stress and just buy the weekly card.

So yeah that’s definitely one of my favorite things about being in NY. When I worked at our LA office and lived in Long Beach, I would commute 1.5 hours everyday to work and back. So that’s a total of 3 hours each day on the road in traffic ughh it was horrible. Having to do that everyday really does mess up your mood b/c it’s so stressful. Not having to drive anymore has made me way more relaxed.

I drive everytime I go back home though, and you don’t forget haha. The first time I came back and drove again I was like o shit can I still drive. But everytime I drive again it’s as if I’ve still been driving, so all good. Went back recently the beginning on July, and before that went back in March.

I’ve met people here in NY that said they never want to move anywhere where you have to drive. A part of me thought that was crazy b/c I’m so used to driving everywhere! But then I could understand b/c here you don’t have to. So yeah just thought to share. I’m so excited that Robes’ friend is driving today. Here it’s like so cool if you have a car lol.

Robes slept over last night and this morning left to meet his team at Port Authority so they could take the bus together to Jersey. So different from Cali. When I was on a team we always had to set up our carpools, make sure everyone gave gas money, and pick everyone up. Here you meet up and take public transportation together. So crazy but also so interesting to me lol. Luckily Robes teammate that I’m riding with also has room for him when we come back to the city so that’s good.

Okay well going to get ready now. See ya!

-Carolyn ❤

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