Thursday – Almost Friday

Sitting in the park a couple blocks away from work and just finished eating my Chipotle. So sometimes I try to buy 3 hard shell tacos, and then later break them up so I basically have a bowl and some chips haha. But honestly it’s different bc the taco shells just get all soggy. Will just buy the chips next time haha. But anyways.

So glad it’s almost Friday! Looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow night Robes is sleeping over and we are making dinner at home. I need to ask him what he wants but I will cook. Nice to just chill at home sometimes instead of eating out. So will just relax for the night and have dinner and watch tv =).

Then Sat going to watch Robes and his team perform at this dance showcase called “Warm Up” in Jersey. I wonder why it’s called Warm Up lol. But ya excited I miss going to dance shows. Went to one for the first time back in May called Defining Rhythm also in Jersey and it was so fun. I’ve seen their set and it’s so good. Can’t wait to see it on stage. That reminds me I need to hit up his 2 teammates so we can go together! 2 of his teammates aren’t performing so I’m going to go with them. My friend CJ that went with me to the last show is in Cali right now, but all good going with his teammates and they’re really cool.

Other than that things have been good. Definitely want to write on here a lot and also post some pics! How lucky that I have a bf who’s a photographer and he said I can post some of his pics on here lol. He had a blog too but didn’t really post, so he said I could just post pics lol.

Last night we went to dinner for NY Restaurant Week! So fun. I’ve been once to LA Restaurant Week. I will post pics and blog about that in my next blog.

Well going to walk around a little and then head back to work. See ya.

-Carolyn ❤

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